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Divorce Recovery Booklet


Are you single and trying to figure out what's next for you?

Has your search to rediscover or redesign yourself

been frustrating and time consuming?

woman breathingThis booklet is for you!

With the right understanding, outlook, and support, finding the right path following a separation can happen before you know it!

You’ve come to the right place if you…

  • want to find yourself again
  • have made some mistakes in the past – that you don’t want to repeat
  • feel like you will be like this forever or alone forever
  • don't feel ready to start dating again and want to live as a successful single
  • are ready for a change

Here's what you'll find in the Divorce Recovery booklet

Table of Contents

 Chapter one: Divorce articles

  • Acceptance is the Key
  • Balance is the Key
  • Change your outlook to a positive one
  • How could I have done that? Why I fooled around on my husband
  • How do you get used to something that you really wanted
  • Fear of being newly separated: Five Tips to Help you Find your Way
  • Inner self: Five Tips to Keep Your Inner Self-Happy
  • Outer Shell: Five Tips to Keep your Me-Me Shell Happy

 Chapter two: Children articles

  • Hurried Children
  • I am a Mother
  • My mother
  • Raising your children: Five Tips
  • What our children need to grow

 Chapter three: Wellness and self-care articles

  • How to dance free style
  • Intend on Changing
  • Intimacy
  • My dos to Enjoy Life and Remain Well.
  • Surviving the Holidays Alone: 12 tips
  • Visualize Your Way Out

 Chapter four: Change articles

  • Decluttering
  • Freedom
  • Here’s a thought
  • How’s your wave length?
  • Trust Trust
  • Try on something new

 Chapter five: Dating articles

  • Internet dating
  • Internet dating: my views
  • Is your battery charged or is it drained?
  • Meet someone special: Ten Skills you need to Develop
  • More Skills You’ll want to Develop in order to Meet Someone Special
  •  What you want in a relationship: Seven Success Tips