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Start Simplifying Your Life

The Art of Disapointing

I hate disappointing and in reality I never do it  I don't disappoint, because it's not in my nature to do it, and besides it sucks. The feeling that I get when I disappoint someone, and I know it, is an godforsaken terrible feeling.  Lately,  I've been wanting to make some changes with how I use up…

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Experimenting with laughter

The gift of love

Tips for the Healthy Sensual You

Take time to evaluate your choices

Tips from Cuba # 1- creating your own peace

Time to review your 2015 goals

Managing Overwelm

Dream it and Do it!~

Challenge to be you!

15 minutes of Laughter Yoga

Be positive and attract positive people

Creating new memories

Driving Miss Daisy : 80 year old self part 2

I went to see the play Driving Miss Daisy a few weeks ago,  with a few friends.  I was so moved during the last scene, I was rendered speechless and had to leave, barely saying goodbye to my friends. What was that all about?, I asked myself.  In the last few weeks, I’ve been allowing myself to dream…

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80 year old self- part one

I'm taking my coaching course and it's got me dreaming about possibilities. This morning, as I'm driving to work, I pictured my self at 80 years old. Now, I've done a similar exercise where you hear what the people at your funeral would say. This new exercise which came up naturally to me this morni…

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