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Are you a caregiver to a parent or an child who isn't well? 

Feeling Stressed, overwelmed and near burn out?

Join us for our next webinar

 Massive Mistakes Caregivers Make  

That keeps them stressed, overwelmed and close to burnout


Date:            February 20th

Time:            7:30 EST

Join Linda G. Robert on this webinar as she uncovers some of the mistakes caregivers make when it comes to caring for loved ones and tips on how to feel less stress and overwelm.

Having had personal experiences caring for her parent who lived with dimentia and a loved one with mental health issues, Linda knows first hand what it's like.  She's made the 'mistakes' and wants you to be aware of them, so you can live a happy and calm life.

Here's what we'll cover

a) 3 mistakes caregivers make

b) Many tips to manage the stress and overwelm while still being caring and loving

Leave feeling better, inspired and knowing

that you're on the right track,

and not going crazy.

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