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“Feel more confident to speak with your clients in English”

In the next 5 weeks ... 

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have different types of conversations in English?

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Do you think you can't express yourself well enough in English?

Do you get tired of refusing opportunities because you don’t speak good enough or don’t practice enough in English?

Are you terrified of having conversations in English because you don’t speak English good enough?

If so, then you're going to LOVE the

Speaking with More Confidence Challenge

and it's going to transform your life!


My name is Linda G Robert

This is my personal invite for you to join the Speaking with Confidence Challenge.

Because you answered "YES" to the questions above,  I know something about you...

You have the desire to do BIG THINGS…

You are a great leader and you want to be even greater!

You have the passion at work and now you want to feel it in English.

And you know the right way to do that is by improving your spoken English.

But, a few things are holding you back. . .

That is Why I Created 


Here's the TRUTH:

  • You can’t express yourself well enough in English
  • You aren’t confident enough to have conversations with your English speaking colleagues.
  • You aren’t confident enough to speak in English in public or with potential clients.

Best Part?

I have designed a program to help you speak more confidently in English

and to have various conversations in English.

Here’s how it works

 During our five weeks together,  we will speak on various topics, and you will have exercises to work on between sessions. We will meet  for one hour, twice a week for a total of 10 sessions.

This is ONLY for 

"Motivated Professionals"

who would like to feel more confident to speak in English.

You are going to follow this 3-phase approach to feel more confident to speak in English:

Week 1

Get comfortable speaking in English

Task summary: Start having conversations in English, and discussing interesting topics and  that you have chosen.  This week it’s all about having conversations to feel more comfortable and confident in English.

Week 2

Let's talk business

Task summary: We’ll continue to talk about interesting topics and focus on business topics that you're interested in. This week, it’s all about getting more comfortable to talk about business subjects. This could include having difficult conversations (like how to disagree with someone without sounding rude), learning different business idioms and expressions, talking about how to facilitate or lead a meeting, how to sound convincing, how to express your opinion etc.  We’ll also start role-playing  and practice having some of these conversations.

Week  3

Let's continue to talk about business

Task summary: This week it’s all about speaking about business with clients. You’ll practice some of your speaking skills to feel more comfortable and confident to talk to your clients or your colleagues. You'll choose a particular topic and a specific method of communicating. You can be talking to a 'client' on the telephone about a product, or you can talk to an 'audience' while doing a presentation, you can facilitate a meeting, you can try to convince me about something. You choose and we’ll practice.

Week  4 and 5

Let's continue to talk about business

Task summary: These two last weeks it’s all about bringing work to our classes.   So if you do have a meeting to chair, we’ll talk about the meeting and role-play the meeting so that you feel prepared. If you anticipate having a difficult conversation with your boss or colleague, for example, we’ll discuss the conversation and determine the best way of approaching it. Just like your personal coach.  

In less than 6 weeks,  you’ll

  • feel more confident to speak in English
  • feel more comfortable to have various types of conversations in English
  • be able to use metaphors and expressions with your colleagues or clients.
  • be more confident to discuss various business subjects
  • start to be more confident to speak English with your clients or in public.

Do you want to transform yourself? 

Do you want to take action and make a change? 

Do you want to say goodbye to fears and be more confident to speak in English in 2020??

Join The  Speaking With Confidence Challenge Now!



Try the entire program, risk free! 


Join the challenge, participate, and complete the homework. After completing all of that, if you feel like this isn't the greatest training to prepare you to be more confident in speaking in English with your colleagues or clients, I'll send you all your money back.

That's right. I'll give you back your money with no questions asked.


Sound more than fair?

Join The Speaking with Confidence Challenge Now!



Speak with Confidence Challenge